ISO9000-2000 Quality Assured

Quality AssuredWhen you order optical discs and packaging-related products from a certified ISO replicator, you are instantly assured of professional-grade optical discs with the finest quality LBR transfers to glass possible. To assure quality you can expect to pay a minor price increase.

Please note that Abet Disc provides you with ISO certified discs.

Typically on orders above 10,000 units, a non-ISO plant is specified to maximize savings to the client. If your order demands the very finest quality optical discs – please be sure to ask your consultant for more information.

Abet Disc recommends ISO replication for these reasons:

Maintain Sony and Phillips stringent guidelines Free single-speed glass transfers on orders of 1000 and up on request Ensure 100% compatibility with all CD, CD-ROM, DVD and SACD optical disc players worldwide Fast accurate returns and RMAs in case of defects. Bug reports within 24 hours on all submitted masters to production

What is ISO9000-2000?

ISO is an abbreviation for International Standards Organization. ISO helps protect the consumer in the global marketplace by ensuring not only a high level of quality of the manufactured product but also helping to enhance customer satisfaction by creating a customer-focused environment which invites complaints and commits to resolving them while simultaneously enhancing the organization’s ability to improve its product or services and customer service.

Standards are documented agreements containing technical specifications or other precise criteria to be used consistently as rules, guidelines, or definitions of characteristics, to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

ISO9002 was updated at the end of 1999 to ‘ISO9000-2000’

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Quality Assured CD / DVD and Blu-ray Replication, Quality assured optical disc manufacturing in Arcadia near Monrovia, Pasadena and Hollywood in Los Angeles California.

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