CD Duplication

CD Duplication services offered by Abet Disc are perfect for you if you already have a master disc with audio or data files on it, and you need them copied onto multiple blank CDs.

With songs and music, one of the most common master copy formats is CD-R (Compact Disc – Recordable), which is an optical medium that allows files to be written on a disc only once, but retains the capability to be read multiple times.

One important thing to remember is that when you send in your master disc, it will be copied exactly as-is, so be sure that no changes need to be made to your data. Place all your data and songs / music in the desired order, and we will make as many copies of it as you wish!

Whether you are looking for music, audio, or data CD Duplication, choosing a professional company to handle this process for you carries many advantages!

For example, professional equipment used for CD Duplication allows Abet Disc to quickly produce high-quality copies of your CDs at very competitive rates. This process would would take you weeks to do on your home computer, so there is a huge time advantage to having a professional company do it for you.

The great thing about CD Duplication is that it can be used to make a smaller quantity (hundreds) of copies of your original CD. This is a good alternative to CD Replication services, which are typically used to replicate much bigger quantities (thousands) of CDs.

When you use a professional company to take care of your CD Duplication needs, you get a much higher quality end-product, too!

This is because all of the blank CDs that Abet Disc uses in this process are better than the ones that you could normally get at the store. In addition, all the audio and data duplication equipment used to copy your files is designed specifically for the purpose of accurate, high-quality duplication.

This is especially important for musicians, who like their duplicated CDs to come out with a much better sound quality then if they were to manually undertake this process on a home computer. Abet Disc maintains the highest quality standards in the industry, therefore giving you assurance that your duplicated audio CDs will do a great job at representing your musical talents!

Another great feature offered by Abet Disc is the “thermal on-disc printing” for your CD’s graphics.

Unlike other companies that use ink-jet printing to duplicate your artwork, we utilize a two-step process, which uses heat and pressure, to transfer wax-based ink onto a CD. This results in the highest-quality, deep color visual presentation of your graphics. In addition, thermal on-disc printing is permanent – unlike some labels that peel off over time.

Along with CD Duplication, we provide high quality “offset printing” on your CD covers, inserts, booklets, sleeves, jackets, wallets, and DigiPaks.

This is different from laser-color copiers that are used by some competitors,  because it produces much clearer, sharper-looking graphics that cannot be otherwise achieved with a regular laser copier.

This unique printing technique transfers your original image onto a flat rubber surface, which then uses ink from various-color rollers to print amazing quality graphics onto DigiPaks, CD sleeves, jackets, and more!

As a nice bonus, Abet Disc includes a free barcode on all CD Duplication orders, and a free master disc mailing service. This is a rare find in a company that offers CD Duplication!

Abet Disc has assisted clients throughout USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe with their CD Duplication needs by offering the highest-quality, 100% guaranteed fulfillment services at the best prices! We have worked with professional musicians, film makers, and various artists who have relied on our company to deliver the best end-product copies of their CDs.

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