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CD Replication services are great for making 500 or more copies of one master CD. The difference between CD Duplication and CD Replication processes is that the former records data sequentially onto a disc, while the latter uses a stamping process that transfers the information all at once.


CD Replication, or Compact Disc Manufacturing, process used by Abet Disc ensures that every copy of your original master disc is replicated with the utmost precision and accuracy. First, a laser is used to etch a duplicate of your original CD master onto a glass plate. This plate is too fragile to be used for replication, so it is primarily used to make metal “stampers,” which can then be used to replicate your original CD.


The next step uses electroforming to plate the glass base with metal, which copies all the pits and lands of the original master disc onto the new, “Father stamper.” From there, the Father stamper becomes “the master copy,” so to speak, and is used to make hundreds of other CD replicas.


This is done by inserting the stamper into an automatic injection machine, which uses thermoplastic polymer substance to create a plastic-disc replica of the Father disc. It can make many such discs in a relatively short period of time, which is why CD Replication is typically used for quantities of 500 and more.


The plastic replica made in the injection machine is actually transparent, and cannot be read by a player – the laser beam goes right through it. Therefore, a very thin aluminum coat is applied to its surface, which is then covered with protective lacquer against scratches.


This highly intricate process requires accuracy and experience with the chemical components involved, so as to ensure that the transfer of data goes very smoothly. The coordination of all the steps in the process has to be quite precise too. Afterward, each finished CD is then put through a very high-quality full-color offset on-disc printing process. The best part is that, unlike some competitors, Abet Disc does not charge extra for the full-color printing!


At Abet Disc, we believe in providing our clients with the best quality product, because this ensures that their talents, whether it be music, software, games, or any other proprietary data, are well represented by every disc we replicate. Most of the time, CD Replication has superior quality advantages over CD Duplication, which is why you will find that Abet Disc is one of the only companies that offers CD Replication services starting at 100+ CDs!


Abet Disc is a well-established company and can fulfill all aspects of CD Replication and packaging. This includes Card Disc / Mini Disc CD Replication, DigiPak, Eco Wallet 4 & 6 panel CD, Jewel Case 2 – 8 panel CD, O Card / Slipcase, Paper Sleeve CD, Poly / Amaray / DVD case CD, Sleeve / Jacket CD, Spine Labels, and more.


Don’t forget that we also give you a free certified barcode with every CD Replication order, and even pay for your master disc shipping – something you won’t find with other companies!


With us, you can expect to find the highest quality in the industry, along with some of the best prices! Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we stand behind our products with a 30-Day Price Matching Guarantee and 100% Quality Guarantee!


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