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CD Duplication (Short-Run/Quick-turn)

What is CD Duplication? CD Duplication is an excellent option for the production of short-run low quantities from 100 to 500 discs at low cost. It’s a favorite among indie artists and small companies.  There are many different uses for CD Duplication; CD Duplication can save you time and money.

CD Replication (300+)

CD Replication service is great for making 500 or more copies of one master. CD Replication uses a glass master, stamping process that transfers the information all at once.

CD Replication | CD Duplication

Just recorded your debut album? Let Abet Disc replicate and turn it into a professional CD. From mastering your CDs to designing and printing the inlays for your ‘jam’ we pride ourselves for providing a fast and reliable service getting your goods delivered to you in time.

Did you know that CD Duplication and CD Replication are two different things though they sound just about the same? The two processes provide similar results, but differ in the quantity of CDs you can copy and the methods used. In duplication the data is burned on the surface of recordable CDs while in replication, a glass master is created which stamps data onto the CDs. Quantities for CD duplication are usually between one and three hundred, while replication is used for quantities of more than three hundred, you can even make a million copies using CD replication!

Read some excellent FAQs on more interesting tips and a comparison of both techniques.


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