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If you’re interested in distributing your music on disc or your CD-ROM, you’ll need to look into CD duplication services. You’re probably interested in the least expensive option, so cheap CD duplication companies will be a big priority. However, price isn’t the only thing you should consider. There are a lot of other things to think about when you’re trying to get a large run of high quality discs made on time and well. CD duplication, the advantages of duplicaion, and the things you should look for in a quality CD duplication company. That way, you’ll be able to tell which companies are right for your needs.

CD Duplication

CD duplication is a method producing small runs, if you don’t need 1000 discs CD duplication is the best option. The price depends on the quantity of discs you want to duplicate. It’s the best method to use if you’re a musician just getting started and doing promotions, or if you’re trying to do some small scale advertising. You can even get high quality full-color printed discs, just like the kind a big label would produce.

If you’re looking for scale 100 to 300 copies CD duplication is your best choice. Each CD will be an exact copy of the master. These discs are constantly checked for quality and fidelity to the original master disc you provide to the factory. Every discs will be checked to make sure they can be played in just about any device, so you’ll know there won’t be problems getting your information out there. Generally, factories producing CDs will have a minimum order you need to comply with. The larger your order, however, the cheaper it’ll be per unit.

What To Look For In CD Duplication Services

If you’re interested in finding cheap CD dupliation companies, but want to make certain that you’ll end up with a high quality product and good service, you should pay attention to a few things. Find out the company’s reputation and whether or not they have a good return customer base, for instance. You’ll also want to see how you feel about their customer service. Working with a service that treats you poorly isn’t worth it in the long run, even if their prices are relatively low. It’s better to choose a company that can really do what you need them to.

Make sure you find out what’s including in the price you’re quoted. Are you just receiving bulk CD duplication, or will you also be getting disc printing, printed cardboard sleeves, and insertion into the sleeves, shrink wrapping, CDs in Digipaks or CDs in jewel-cases it can make a big difference in the final cost of your product if you don’t pay attention. You’ll often find that it’s better to pay a few more cents per disc to do it at the factory, even if cheap CD duplication is a priority. CD duplication can be a great way to get your information and your message out there!

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