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Commitment to quality

Abet Disc will always lead the way when it comes to quality, we believe quality is ultimately a reflection of how much we value our customers. Our Clients are knowledgeable corporations, Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Studios and Label who know the difference when it comes to quality production.

Highest-quality manufacturing

Disc replication is an involved process and it is precise. Our glass-mastering process is 100% accurate, and no details are lost in translation. To insure the quality of your disc replication, we routinely run a quality verification test on all master discs to make sure nothing’s wrong with your master disc before reproduction. By doing this we insure that the quality of your replicated discs are up to industry standards and we will never charge you for this service. Visit our quality assured page.

Up front pricing

We’ve built our business by treating our customers right, and that includes up-front pricing that you see before you ever place an order. We don’t charge you set-up fees, we don’t have hidden costs, and last-minute surprises.

No extra charge for full-color on-disc printing

We know full-color printing on-disc makes your project a better product, and because life happens in color, we provide full-color offset on-disc printing at no extra charge!

No extra charge for over-runs

No over run charges, we don’t believe in charging you more if we produce more items than you order. All orders are subject to 10% over/under run.

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