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Thanks to the high demand by movie studios, television networks, video game designers, and software developers, the DVD Duplication industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. In addition, advertising departments and agencies are increasingly turning to DVD duplication and CD duplication to distribute product promotions, press kits, and collateral sales materials.

There are a number of technologies that have been developed in order to deliver information in a highly innovative and effective manner, and to minimize some of the problems that have arisen as a result of piracy.

One of the most imaginative advances in DVD manufacturing is what is known as a FlexDVD. This ultra-thin disc is only 0.6mm thick, and can be bent and manipulated without damage to the disc. Remarkably, the FlexDVD plays like a regular disc, and is available in DVD-5 (4.7 GB), HD-DVD (15 GB), 80mm VCD (1.1 GB), and a "mini" HD-DVD (3.7 GB). Yet, because it's only half as thick as a regular DVD, it can be utilized in ways that regular DVDs simply cannot. For example, because it's resistant to breaking, shattering, and cracking, a FlexDVD can easily be used in direct mail, or as a cover mount on a magazine or manual.

Another innovation in the DVD duplication field is what's called a "hybrid disc." This is a two-sided disc that contains DVD material on one side and digital audio on the other. It can be formatted as DVD/CD, HD-DVD/CD, or HD-DVD/DVD-5. While the music and video industries have used this product, it has expanded to the business-to-business sector. Within the music industry, one side of this hybrid disc is often used for music videos, behind the scenes footage, and artists' biographies, while the other side is used as a conventional CD. The B-to-B market appreciates that a single disc operates both as a DVD-ROM and CD-ROM, enabling them to reach every target audience with a single disc.

While the adage says that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, DVD duplication and CD duplication services are often judged by their packaging and labeling. One of the most intriguing – and scent-sational – innovations is what are termed "rub and smell discs." Essentially, a scented varnish is applied to the label but remains inert until someone rubs the label and releases the scent. Given research that indicates that consumers are four times as likely to buy a product that they can smell over a similar but unscented product, marketers are embracing the potential of rub and smell discs. Those in the dvd duplication industry are adding this technology to their repertoire by offering clients both stock and customized scents.

The industry is also offering cutting edge technology to prevent unauthorized DVD duplication and CD duplication. With an estimated one billion dollars per year lost to piracy in the movie industry alone, the urgency to find ways to protect copyrighted material has reached the critical stage. There are a number of techniques employed that prevent video content from being recorded to DVD and computer recorders, either digitally or through analog means.

Recent trends have clearly demonstrated that the DVD duplication industry is more than up to the task of finding new and innovative ways to manufacture DVDs, create creative packaging solutions, and prevent piracy.

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