What is DVD Encoding?

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When you buy a DVD at the store, you are guaranteed it will work on your DVD player at home because of the DVD encoding. DVD encoding is a technique used to allow movie studios to control the release in regions. DVD encoding has been confused with a region code that is used for certain parts of the world, with the United States having a code of 1 for all new releases. The average DVD player requires that certain players be sold in certain markets so that your DVDs sold in that market will work on said DVD player. There are however some DVD players that will play multiple regions, and these are called region free players. Unless you have a region free player, DVDs from other parts of the world will not play on your player. DVD encoding is the act of compressing the information in a movie including sounds, so that they will fit on a standard DVD.

As it stands, neither VCR tapes nor digital video files are ready to be used as is for authoring. Video is generally too large to actually fit on a DVD in its natural state and format, so it is compressed to become small enough to fit on a disc. DVD encoding and compression is done with hardware or separate software encoding. DVD encoding is done by an encoding card that is placed in a computer or a DVD recorder. Using the software, the settings you want can be selected and can also affect the quality of the encoding. The professionals at our company are experienced in this field and can help guide you to the highest encoding quality for your DVD project using software or hardware encoding. It is important to remember that the master video quality will affect the final DVD quality, so the master you send us should be of a high quality and uncompressed.

If your master is not in an acceptable format, don’t worry; we can convert it as needed for an additional charge. The only thing we require in order to complete your project is a master disc and your decision on hardware or software based encoding preference.

What is DVD Authoring?

What is DVD Menu Design?

DVD Preparation Guide

DVD Audio Mastering

DVD Authoring Packages

DVD encoding: no menu, auto play with auto chapters.

DVD encoding, single menu design, play all feature, 5 custom chapter points with static or motion video thumbnails.

DVD encoding, 1 main and 1 sub menu design, play all feature, up to 10 custom chapter points with static thumbnails or 6 motion video thumbnails.

DVD encoding, with motion menu: 30-second motion main menu (created from a clip in the movie), 1 static sub menu with design, play all feature, up to 10 custom chapter points with static or 10 motion video thumbnails.

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