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There has long been an ongoing debate whether DVD Duplication and DVD Replication produce the same quality results. Thought over a short period they would seem to be close to identical, over a longer period of time one beings to see the difference.


Replicated DVDs tend to be better equipped to withstand the test of time. Duplicated DVDs are less scratch resistant and do not do as well with temperature changes, as the replicated ones. So if you want the best possible quality for your DVD copies, then replication is the way to go!


DVDs have become a preferred storage medium over the past few years, due to the fact that they have a much larger storage capacity than ordinary CDs, and are also much faster at data processing. Not to mention the fact that they are a lot more durable than a conventional Compact Disc. With a DVD, you can not only sing a song, but you may also include a video that truly expresses your creative spirit.


Whether you are a singer, movie maker, software engineer, or a game developer,  if you need professional DVD Replication services, Abet Disc is here to help! With over 20 years of experience, we have worked with many people just like you, while helping them bring their product to market and grow their potential.


We have the best equipment and the skills necessary to make every replicated disc just as good as the original. The process we use for DVD Replication is essentially the same as with CD Replication, with a few minor changes.


There are a number of various formats that can be used for the original master disc. For example, a DVD-5 has the lowest capacity of 4.7 gigabytes, and can hold about 2 hours of video. Disc writers can write a single-layer of data on these discs, and only on one side.


The next step up is DVD-9, which holds 8.5 gigabytes of data, and has one recordable side, but has capability for a dual-layer data writing. These discs are good for up to 4 hours of video. If your video is any longer than 120 m, then you will want one of these discs for recording.


And, finally, the third popular format is DVD-10, which is like having two DVD-5’s glued together, because they have a single recordable layer on each side. Total capacity is 9.40 gigabytes, and it can hold up to a total of 4 hours of video. You would need to flip the disc over to get to the data stored on the opposite side, but they are surprisingly convenient for a variety of reasons.


Once you have your master DVD ready to be replicated, you can drop it off at the nearest FedEx location – and Abet Disc will even pay the shipping charges!


With no extra charge for full-color offset on-disc printing, Abet Disc can help you in all aspects of DVD Replication and packaging! Everything from Amaray cases, inner inserts, and DigiPaks, to Eco Paper Sleeves, Eco Sleeve / Jacket & Wallet, CarDisc / Flex & Mini Disc, Bulk Flex and Retail-Ready Flex DVDs.


Remember that we include a free barcode with all DVD Replication orders, have a 30-Day Price Matching Guarantee and a 100% Quality Assurance. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today, and let us answer any questions that you may have!


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