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Abet Disc Duplication is located in the heart of California Los Angeles. Abet Disc is an advanced optical disc manufacturing, CD/DVD Duplication, audio mastering and CD design company dedicated to efficiency and high quality standards. Abet Disc a CD Replication company provides complete service. Clients from recording studios, musical instrument manufacturers, independent producers, record labels, advertising agencies, magazine publishers and religious organizations find the service and quality of Abet Disc unbeatable.

At Abet Disc we take care of your order from A to Z. Our turn-around is the best in the industry. With the latest in CD/DVD glass mastering, CD/DVD replication and CD/DVD duplication technologies, with over 100,000 a day production capacity ensures that your deadlines will be met. Coupled with excellent customer service, affordable rates, easy 24-7 online order placing, artwork uploading, templates downloading and consistent high quality, Abet Disc provides you with both a competitive advantage and peace of mind.

Let’s create a relationship with you on your next project.

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