October 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner

The Expansion Project EP - October 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

The Expansion Project EP

Jason Harris is the Director of Worship Ministries at Browncroft Community Church in Rochester, NY. This project, being his first official release, is a sample of his calling to Christian worship leaders to be prayer-driven and thematically intentional in their facilitation of congregational worship. The Expansion Project EP was birthed from a passion for the re-envisioning of both the musicality and themes of contemporary worship music.

In the cover, Jason worked with Sarah Knight Design to create a cover that reflected this project. The photograph of a waterfall, with its infinite movement and flow, seemed an accurate metaphor for the project and worship of an infinite Creator. Sarah Knight is a Rochester, NY based artist.

Please join us in congratulating our October 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner
To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive.
Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.
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