Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year. May your future be filled with joy, prosperity, and continued success.


Chill Mood Holidays!

Replication vs Duplication Media Difference

replication vs duplication

Unlike Replicated discs, Duplicated discs "CD-R / DVD-R” are very easy to scratch, but only deep/heavy scratches can effect playability. It is very important to take great care, you can clean the bottom of the disc with a soft cleaning damp cloth.

Also some players don’t play all CD-R / DVD-R, we use the best and the most compatible (A-Grade) recordable-disc-media available in the market.

For the most durable and compatible disc-media, consider replication, replicated discs are more durable and compatible with all players.

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T-Shirt Printing Review

Custom T-Shirt Printing Review

“I ordered customized shirts few times, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Aeron, and the entire team! Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and professional. I appreciate their response time, and the outcome of my orders. Steve Melkon, JMI Construction Engineering”

Audio Mastering Review

Audio Mastering Review

"Hi there, I just received the master disc. Everything sounds great. So big and clean sounding. Thank you for all of your hard work on this.” — Frankie + Rufus

Audio Mastering Review

Audio Mastering Review

“Hey guys, just wanted to thank you, Hawaiian Treasure sounds beautifully warm and full. The edges blend perfectly, Amazing job!!! I’m extremely pleased with the quality of your work. I received samples from 3 different mastering engineers, and yours is simply the best, and your prices are unbelievable! I love your customer service skills and quick responses thanks again, it’s a blessing to have a dedicated professionals to work with. -CM”

CD in Wallet Replication Customer Review

Abet Disc CD in Wallet Replication Customer Review

Once again, Abet delivered excellent product on time and at an affordable rate. Their customer service responds to email almost immediately and is eager to help. They did not seem to mind any of my special requests on the order, including special shipping instructions. -Michelle Roche

Bulk CD Duplication Review

Bulk CD Duplication Review

“The disks arrived today – thank you for the very prompt, accurate and easy service!” — Julie

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