Plastic Cards

20pt frosted and white with round corners.

20PT frosted plastic business cardsPlastic Cards are a great way to put your business in the lead. They offer thousands of practical and promotional applications. We are able to offer Plastics business cards at super affordable discount prices. Plastic Cards are very durable and printed full-color on 20PT Plastic Opaque White and Frosted stocks.

testimonial “Thank you again for another set of high quality business cards. We receive a lot of complements on these cards I continue to be very impressed by both the customer care and quality of printing from Abet. We receive a lot of complements on the business cards Abet printed for AidJoy. The custom cut, heavy card stock business cards from Abet are absolutely beautiful! All my best, Jonathan Shanin Founder”

Abet printing service can save you time and money!

Discount printing with 24/7 easy ordering online, design file artwork uploading, pdf online pre-print proof, artwork file backup for future reorders.

Color Options
4/0 – Full color front blank on the back
4/4 – Full color on both sides

Standard – 2″ x 3.5″

Cut Options
Around corners

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Client Review

“I just want to throw out a big thank you for getting the order ready, and shipped in time for our release party! The albums turned out awesome and it’s just how we pictured it. We will absolutely return for future orders as well!” -Martin.


CD Manufacturing Review

“Just to let you know everything arrived safe and sound this morning, all looks great. Thanks again.” – David

February 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner

The Table of Contents - February 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

The Table of Contents

Please join us in congratulating our February 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive.

Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.


Abet Disc

You have found what you are looking for! Now what?

There is no doubt that musicians and filmmakers have been lucky enough to be blessed with a special gift– that artistic ability that turns them into masters at their craft, whether it is by creating that song for the next hit CD or weaving a wonderful story for that next successful movie on DVD.

However, in order to produce a truly overall professional product of the highest quality, the technical side must be viewed as a final and critical step in the overall making of that CD or DVD, in essence, the finishing touch that will make it perfect.

Therefore, deciding which company you will entrust with your cherished CD or DVD for duplication, replication, audio mastering, DVD authoring or any other type of optical disc media manufacturing, is one of the most important decisions you can make. So, it makes sense to go with a company that has worked extensively with both the film and music industry, assisting these major record label companies and movie studios by producing, on their behalf, the highest quality DVD and CD products on the market Abet Disc is the answer.

testimonial“I have been a performer since 1965–with records in the Top Ten and a Grammy award, too. I’ve also composed music for many movies as well as performing on national TV shows such as “Tonight”. Abet Disc has facilitated me in many ways: manufacturing 2 CDs of my music, as well as making excellent DVDs of my movie and TV work. I thoroughly recommend this company. I have had nothing but excellent quality work as well as extreme politeness and thoughtfulness.” Ian Whitcomb.
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“Thanks for the good job replicating my CD. It was done much to my satisfaction. All the best, Jazz-elle”

Supplier Responsibility

What helps keep our customers satisfied? One of the things is we ensure our “Supplier Responsibility at ABET”. We have the highest quality standards and stand by our processes and top quality products that we make for you. Our employees are treated the same way, we provide safe working conditions, and treat workers with dignity, respect and expect the same from the companies that do business with us. It is our way of maintaining social responsibility along with environmental responsibility in the manufacturing processes, wherever ABET products are made.

ABET has a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct and our expectations are high and they should be and they will remain that way. You should expect nothing less from us. We evaluate compliance through our auditing and monitoring processes and improve the processes as we see a chance to improve upon them. To further improve factory conditions, we have proactively addressed industry wide issues through collaboration with our suppliers, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and other companies.

testimonial “I have been a performer since 1965–with records in the Top Ten and a Grammy award, too. I’ve also composed music for many movies as well as performing on national TV shows such as “Tonight”. Abet Disc has facilitated me in many ways: manufacturing 2 CDs of my music, as well as making excellent DVDs of my movie and TV work. I thoroughly recommend this company. I have had nothing but excellent quality work as well as extreme politeness and thoughtfulness.” Ian Whitcomb

The “Supplier Responsibility at ABET” will not be compromised and if it is violated and not immediately remedied then the supplier is terminated. We take customers satisfaction and employees working conditions seriously. By monitoring and continuing with our “Best Practices” in place, we are able to provide a top quality manufactured product and our goal is to settle for nothing less. We have expanded our supplier training on workers’ rights for both management and workers and have had a very good success rate. This is something that helps everyone involved and makes everyone accountable for their own work too. Training and education of the company’s mission including the suppliers responsibility is a major component of this business and is offered and reinforced as often as possible to everyone.

If any company finds a program and process that works well for both the company and the clients then you would want to continue that practice. This is definitely working for the company. The message we want our clients to make no mistake about is that we care about you, receiving a top quality product manufactured in an environmentally responsible place, where manufacturing processes are used wherever ABET products are made.

DVD Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

As a young child, I remember the classic cartoon movies from favorite producers that would put them out and then take them off the market.  Every now and then you would see them come out of the vault and be offered for sale.  With Abet Disc you no longer have to wait for anything to come of the safe again.  You are able to take your own movie classics and have them duplicated and be 100% error free.  Think about your musicals and with the equipment everyone is enjoying in their homes for example the 5.1 surround sound DVDS players you will be able to enjoy your new DVD movie too.

The DVD players may vary in sizes the end goal is the same they provides you the entertainment you enjoy and now you can have even the slightest sound be heard throughout the room.  Surround sound can make something as sweet as a raindrop fall in the rainforest, a raging river and a canoe go by trying to gain control or even a person fly fishing and listening to the string as it whips through the air unforgettable.   Imagine watching a classic and seeing a tap dancer in the rain, everyone enjoys a classic.  If your audio is in true 5.1 (6 channels) it will be mastered as 5.1 and if it’s in stereo (2 channels) it will be mastered as stereo.  It is like being at the movies in your own home.

A grade A DVD single layer 4.7 GB capacity media will be used, it is guaranteed to be 100% error free, and upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with your total shipping coast and instructions to pay for your shipping. Your paid invoice will include your tracking number and a link where you can track your package.  They have made the process of getting your item very easy for you.  Abet Disc is close by to everyone, they are nationwide and you can order and receive your item in no time.  So take the opportunity to enjoy one of your classics on your surround sound DVD player and have a pleasurable experience.  You will be glad you did.  What a great gift idea!


Audio Mastering Review“Hi there, I just received the master disc. Everything sounds great. So big and clean sounding. Thank you for all of your hard work on this.” — Frankie + Rufus

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Why do I need professional mastering?

  • Accrued judging of audio loudness professional loudness and peak level normalization.
  • Advanced encoding, improved headroom for encoding, available only in pro-level mastering studio encoders.
  • Resolution, highest sample bit rate conversion and dithering, available only in pro-level mastering studio custom made gears.
  • The mastering room acoustics, accrued A/B comparisons on tested and calibrated custom bulled for highest quality natural sounding speakers/monitors.
  • Pro engineer, experience and knowledge, highly specialized mastering techniques and strategies.

Free sample!

We’re so confident that mastering can make a huge difference that we are offering a free mastering sample.
Find out exactly what Abet Disc mastering can do for you.


Hello- I received a box of my CD’s on Saturday.  They look great.  You did a great job. Tony Fate.

Abet Disc client testimonial

DVD Preparation Guide.

Digital files

Video files: (AVI, Quicktime) on CDR, DVD-R, Firewire or USB Hard Drive.

Still images: Formats: TIF, JPG, PSD, PDF, EPS Resolutions: NTSC DV 720×480, HDV 1280×720, HDV 1440×1080, HDV 1920×1080, PAL DV 720×576

NOTE: PAL and NTSC conversion is available with additional cost

You already have a DVD master

If you have a DVD master but no menu.

We can author a new DVD master with menus, in the context of our Deluxe DVD authoring package.
If you have a DVD master and you like to edit or add video.
We can author a new DVD master form the video or from multiple DVD sources, in the context of our Platinum DVD authoring package.

Region codes and Countries included in region

Region codes exist for the benefit of the owner or distributor of a DVD title, and they protect the rights of a distributor in one region from encroachment by a distributor from another region. Region codes are very simple in concept. A DVD can be set to be playable in single and/or multiple regions during the authoring stage. DVD players sold in a particular region will only accept DVDs authorized for that region.

  1. U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories
  2. Japan, Europe, South Africa and Middle East (including Egypt)
  3. Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong)
  4. Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean
  5. Eastern Europe (Former Soviet Union), Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
  6. China
  7. Reserved
  8. Special international venues (airplanes, cruise ships, etc.)

Difference between the NTSC and PAL Video standard

Video that is intended for viewing on a television, whether on a tape, a DVD, or delivered via satellite or cable, needs to meet the standards of the country in which it will be viewed. In North America, that is NTSC , ( National Television System Committee ). NTSC video is 29.97 frames per second or fps, at a size of 720×486. The NTSC standard is also used in other countries including Japan, South Korea, and most of Central and South America. You will notice that does not include Europe, China, Australia, and most other Asian countries. These areas use another standard known as PAL ( Phase Alternation Line ). PAL video is 25 fps, at a size of 768×576. Based on the NTSC system, it was modified to avoid color distortion. Broadcast started in 1967. Just for good measure lets mention SECAM , ( Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire ), developed in France. Broadcast started in 1967 and used by France and many former French colonies

NOTE: We can make a DVD that will play anywhere.

Best format or formats for your project

We have prepared the following information to help you judge the best format or formats for your project.

Computer playback – Fortunately, any computer that can playback a DVD- video will be able to use both NTSC and PAL.

Most PAL DVD players will read NTSC discs – there are two parts to this equation: the DVD player and the TV. Nearly all PAL DVD players will read NTSC DVDs, and output some interpretation of the signal to the TV. Most, but not all modern PAL televisions can display this signal, but you will not achieve 100% perfect playback for all your viewers. A common complaint is the loss of color information resulting in black and white playback. PAL and SECAM are nearly identical – in areas concerning DVD we will treat SECAM as PAL.

NTSC DVD players will not read PAL discs – with the exception of a few specialty players, North American NTSC DVD players do not play PAL discs, period. If you are planning on importing a European video program to the US, plan on a complete rebuild of the project, staring with the video source.

A PAL DVD cannot be directly converted to NTSC – It is important to understand that it is not the physical DVD that is in one format or another, it is the underlying video content. As described above, the differences between NTSC and PAL video are in the image size and the frame rate. To create the NTSC, one has to start with an NTSC video source and the menu assets for the DVD, and then re-author the project from the ground up. This often means taking the original PAL video (tape) master and have a professional standards conversion done.

A web link

We can add web links, email links and links to files that are included on your DVD when we are authoring a Deluxe DVD package (these links will only be active when the DVD is viewed on a computer). The user may need to install a small software program prior to the first use of these links, which we include on any web-enabled DVD master that we author.

The difference between a DVD- 5, 9 and 10

  • DVD-5: Capacity 4.7GB, video minutes 133, sides 1, layers 1.
  • DVD-9: Capacity 8.5GB, video minutes 240, sides 1, layers 2.
  • DVD-10: Capacity 9.4GB, video minutes 266, sides 2, layers 2.

DVD Masteres

DVD+or-R for DVD-5 is standerd and DVD+R DL for DVD-9

Yes, we are accepting Dual Layer (DL) DVD+R masters. We advise you to use great care in preparing your master and be sure your authoring software fully supports burning to Dual Layer recordable media.

DVD Audio

DVDs support several configurations of audio, including mono, stereo and “surround”. Mono or stereo audio may be uncompressed PCM (equivalent to CD audio) or Dolby Digital a format for audio data compression also known as AC-3. Multi-channel or surround audio is supported via Dolby Digital in several configurations, most commonly 5.1.

NOTE: We can accept WAV or AIFF files for authoring DVDs with surround audio.

Contact your Consultant for a custom quote if your authoring project will include surround audio

MPEG-2 is an alternative compression format for audio, which may include multiple channels like Dolby Digital. However, MPEG-2 is not included in the specifications for NTSC DVD players, though some players in fact do support the format. But the format is considered “out-of-spec” for North America, so we have to reject any DVD master which uses this as the primary audio format.

NOTE: Prior to authoring your DVD project, check the default parameters for your encoding or authoring software to disable MPEG-2 audio.

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