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What helps keep our customers satisfied? One of the things is we ensure our “Supplier Responsibility at ABET”. We have the highest quality standards and stand by our processes and top quality products that we make for you. Our employees are treated the same way, we provide safe working conditions, and treat workers with dignity, respect and expect the same from the companies that do business with us. It is our way of maintaining social responsibility along with environmental responsibility in the manufacturing processes, wherever ABET products are made.

ABET has a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct and our expectations are high and they should be and they will remain that way. You should expect nothing less from us. We evaluate compliance through our auditing and monitoring processes and improve the processes as we see a chance to improve upon them. To further improve factory conditions, we have proactively addressed industry wide issues through collaboration with our suppliers, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and other companies.

testimonial “I have been a performer since 1965–with records in the Top Ten and a Grammy award, too. I’ve also composed music for many movies as well as performing on national TV shows such as “Tonight”. Abet Disc has facilitated me in many ways: manufacturing 2 CDs of my music, as well as making excellent DVDs of my movie and TV work. I thoroughly recommend this company. I have had nothing but excellent quality work as well as extreme politeness and thoughtfulness.” Ian Whitcomb

The “Supplier Responsibility at ABET” will not be compromised and if it is violated and not immediately remedied then the supplier is terminated. We take customers satisfaction and employees working conditions seriously. By monitoring and continuing with our “Best Practices” in place, we are able to provide a top quality manufactured product and our goal is to settle for nothing less. We have expanded our supplier training on workers’ rights for both management and workers and have had a very good success rate. This is something that helps everyone involved and makes everyone accountable for their own work too. Training and education of the company’s mission including the suppliers responsibility is a major component of this business and is offered and reinforced as often as possible to everyone.

If any company finds a program and process that works well for both the company and the clients then you would want to continue that practice. This is definitely working for the company. The message we want our clients to make no mistake about is that we care about you, receiving a top quality product manufactured in an environmentally responsible place, where manufacturing processes are used wherever ABET products are made.

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