Understanding Artwork Graphic Design Templates


Template Guidelines

Safety lines are for safeguarding text and graphics that aren’t intended to be trimmed.

Keep in mind that due to the mechanical tolerances in printing, the actual trim can occur anyplace in between the bleed and the safety lines. This is the reason why it is very important to keep your text and graphics inside the safety lines.

It is good practice to keep all text or graphics that aren’t intended to be trimmed off a minimum of .25″ from the cut line.

Safety areas typically range from .0625″ (1/16″) to .25″ (1/4″).

Bleed must extend to Bleed line, further than the Cut line. Using our templates can help visualize this. Please keep all text and anything you do not want cut inside the Safety line.


How to submitting color accurate artwork

If you utilize software program such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXpress that supports color management via ICC profiles, you should use the ‘North America General Purpose Defaults’ profile. This will help you to preview on-screen a far more accurate version of what will be printed.

Work completely in CMYK color mode and ensure that the image file is tagged with the CMYK working space profile. Our prepress team utilize a color management system, that will be able to make use of your file’s color profile to produce an accurate film and printing plates.

In case you are working in RGB color mode before you complete editing your image convert the image to CMYK color mode and make any additional color and tonal corrections. Specifically examine the highlights and dark areas in the image. Use Levels, Curves, or Hue/Saturation to make corrections. These corrections ought to be very minimal. Flatten layers and save the file in PDF format using the “High Quality Print” preset..

If you happen to be creating a grayscale or spot color job, use the ‘20% Gain’ selection in software when fine-tuning grayscale or duotone images.

See below a screen shot of the color settings panel in Adobe PhotoShop with the above mentioned changes.

Color Settings

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Love is the weapon July 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner

Love is the weapon - July 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Please join us in congratulating our July 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!
To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive.
Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.
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