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Audio Mastering Review

Audio Mastering Review

"Hi there, I just received the master disc. Everything sounds great. So big and clean sounding. Thank you for all of your hard work on this.” — Frankie + Rufus

Audio Mastering Way It’s Imperative

You are done recording and mixing, so now what?

You just recorded and mixed your tracks, now you are ready to duplicate it. You want to send out your CDs to radio stations, record labels, and music producers or you are ready to publish your work online, but you have few unanswered questions.

How good is the overall sound quality of my tracks compared to the competition?

Can my tracks sound any better? My tracks sound pretty good, is it good enough in the competitive world of the music industry? How do I measure the sound quality of my tracks?

Answer: Your first step should be to choose a mastering company who can professionally master your tracks.

Audio Mastering Sample

For best results, please listen to these sample videos in HD, in your studio environment, or with high quality headphones.

What is audio mastering?

Audio Mastering is the final critical creative step in the process of making a master audio recording ready for Radio, TV, Movie and Multimedia. At this point all the final sound adjustments, stereo imaging improvements and sonic enhancements are applied to shape the final sound in to a coherent and sophisticated work of art.

Why do I need professional mastering?

In the competitive music business today there is continuous demand for higher quality sound. The ongoing evolution of digital technology makes mastering an indispensable step in any music, movie or multimedia projects. Our years of experience and unique techniques are counted on by our clients to gain the necessary competitive edge for the successes of their CD, DVD, Multimedia, TV and Radio releases.

Do demos need mastering?

Demo mastering is a standard practice in today’s highly competitive music market. A&R departments at indie and major record labels are flooded everyday with new demos from aspiring artists. In most cases, your music production and sound quality is closely scrutinized to weed out the amateurs. Mastering of demos is an indispensable step to give an artist an extra edge over the competition.

Do commercials and jingles need mastering?

Commercials are mastered to increase audibility of speech and narration with extended frequency response, maximized loudness and balanced dynamics. Clients that master their commercials are experiencing increasing effectiveness of their efforts. Properly mastered radio and TV commercials stand out from the rest of the program and immediately grab a hold of consumer’s attentions by facilitating audibility, loudness and powerful emotional impact even if the consumer have turned his/her attention away. Those who choose not to master are at risk of losing their impact on the market place and handing over the market share to their competitors.

What music genres require mastering?

All music genres benefit from mastering!

How do you choose a professional CD mastering house that I can trust and not spend a fortune on?

Professional mastering company will offer true 24-bit, 32-bit and 64bit support, all up to 192KHz sample rates. Final projects should be delivered as Red Book Pre-master CD’s (PMCD’s), ready for replication or duplication. Master disc should be burned with CD-Text, UPC and ISRC.


Audio Mastering customer Review“Hey guys, just wanted to thank you, Hawaiian Treasure sounds beautifully warm and full. The edges blend perfectly, Amazing job!!! I’m extremely pleased with the quality of your work. I received samples from 3 different mastering engineers, and yours is simply the best, and your prices are unbelievable! I love your customer service skills and quick responses thanks again, it’s a blessing to have a dedicated professionals to work with. -CM”

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