High Quality vs Economical Duplication & Printing

high quality vs economical

CD Duplication

High Quality Using "A-Grade-Diamond" (True Silver) CD-R Media / Disc, the bottom side is silver, looks like Replicated-Disc, Higher-Quality, Offering Longer Life, Greater Compatibility with Most-Players, Unlike the Greenish-Economical option.


High Resolution, using High Quality Ink, Offering Longer Life, Great Colors and Detail, on High-Quality Stock / Paper, Unlike the Economical option


“Thanks, got the CD’s on Thursday just in time.  They look great as usual.  Everyone was super stoked.” -Matt


Audio Mastering Sample

For best results, please listen to this demo video in your studio environment, or on high quality headphones in HD.

Abet Disc precision mastering by seasoned engineer, using top of the line tools, ideal for high quality audio mastering for music CD, movie and live concert performance DVD.

A short list of audio mastering tools:

Spectral multiband complex dynamic range with Compression and Expansion for each of the five bands with two filterbank for precise linear-phase gain control for more “analog” sound. High quality stereo and dual mono four-band classic parametric Equalizer, to preserve the greatest sonic detail and ensure a minimum of artifacts in the upper frequency range up-sampled to 192kHz. with high-pass analog mastering filters with far-reaching 18 dB per octave. Both channels of the Equalizer feature four bands of filtering grouped in two overlapping pairs: Two for low frequencies, two for high frequencies. A +/- 8 dB shelving or peak/notch filter is available for each band with five peak/notch responses per band with .5 dB stepped gain and stepped frequency. Colorless, transparent single-band, look-ahead brick-wall mastering limiter with 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window, which prevents clipping, and guarantees zero overshoot performance. Both the attack and release curves are optimized for professional mastering, which minimizes aliasing.

> Audio Mastering, more info.

March Madness by Abet Disc – $100 off CD and DVD Design

Graphic Design

I’ve enjoyed seeing thousands of unique CDs and DVDs come off the press and on to the current market. And I notice instantly which covers had been designed by a professional and which of them were not. And you can as well.

The truth is, so can every person. Skillfully designed covers simply look far better and – regardless of whether you are mindful of it or otherwise – you instantaneously pass judgment on the content of the package whether it’s music or movie based upon the cover style and design. I wanted to make great design even more affordable for musicians and film makers simply because your work deserves to stand out.

So, from now until 3/31/2013, you will save $100 on any graphic design when you order 1,000 or more CDs or DVDs in any package, Our team of expert, award-winning graphic designers will make your cover resemble a million dollars.

CD & DVD Design Portfolio

Countless numbers of clients just like you have adored their final results from Abet Disc. I’m sure you will as well.

Best regards,

Aeron Nersoya

Your Consultant

Abet Disc

CDs in ECO Sleeve / Jacket New Low Prices

CD Replication, ECO Sleeve Jacket

100 CDs in ECO Sleeve / Jacket complete retail ready!

  • Free barcode
  • Free master disc shipping
  • Free artwork proof
  • Free over-runs
  • Ready in 3 days!

ECO Sleeve / Jacket full-color offset printing on 15pt card-stock with protective Matte/Dull or High Gloss UV coating, CD Replication with high resolution high quality full color or monochrome grayscale image or black text offset printing.

CD ECO Sleeve / Jacket are great for Software cd-rom replication in ECO Sleeve, Music cd in ECO Jacket replication, for musicians and music labels. Ministry and church sermon cd in ECO Sleeve replication. Lectures cd in ECO Jacket replication. Audio course cd in ECO Sleeve / Jacket replication.

For more info visit: CD Replication, ECO Sleeve / Jacket

CDs in ECO Wallet All New Low Prices

CDs in ECO Wallets all new low prices

300 CDs in ECO Wallets Complete retail ready!

  • Free barcode
  • Free master disc shipping
  • Free artwork proof
  • Free over-runs
  • Ready in 10 days!

ECO Wallet full-color offset printing on 15pt card-stock with protective Matte/Dull or High Gloss UV coating, CD Replication with high resolution high quality full color or monochrome grayscale image or black text offset printing.

CD Wallets are great for Software cd-rom replication in ECO Wallet, Music cd in ECO Wallet replication, for musicians and music labels. Ministry and church sermon cd in ECO Wallet replication. Lectures cd in ECO Wallet replication. Audio course cd in ECO Wallet replication.

For more info visit: CD Replication, ECO Wallet

Why CD duplication service is still around?

Award Winning Custom CD Design

Solo artists and bands still need promotional CDs to give away and for selling to fans at live shows. Considering the higher audio quality of CDs vs download mp3s, serious music lovers continue to prefer playing CDs in the car stereos and home theater surround sound entertainment systems.

Most music labels, artist / band management agencies, performer booking agencies, and radio stations still prefer to receive physical press kits. Major companies receive tons of press kits on a monthly basis.

Entertainment industry experts that actually work directly with us tell us that an actual physical media package that took extra effort and time from a solo artist or a band is one way to filter out the packages that aren’t valuable.

Many artists just send electronic press kits in an email blast much like spam email certainly don’t receive much of a reply. It’s clear to the recipients that it’s actually an email blast and they will certainly disregard your effort.

And that’s the key reason why solo artists and bands still need to submit creative attention garbing professional physical press kit with full resolution audio CD of your recording to separate yourself from the competition.

The numbers clearly show digital-only release sales are drastically lower than what they would have been selling CDs. Musicians are leaving behind revenue if they do not have their tunes in download form on iTunes and physical CD’s for live shows. Until an organization invents a new innovative alternative for the physical and download world, CD’s remain as the most suitable choice for musicians.

CD Duplication

Abet Disc is regarded as the progressive duplication company with the most affordable rates, top quality, and finest customer support. CD Duplication is a great choice for producing short-run small volumes from 100 to 400 cds for cheap. CD Duplication is very popular among the performing musicians and CD-Rom Duplication popular among small businesses.

There are numerous unique purposes for CD Duplication; CD-R Duplication can help you save money and time. Maybe you are marketing your tunes or perhaps a business presentation, or audio lecture available as CD which needs to be copied for distribution.

Abet Disc with state-of-the-art systems and experience can deliver error free discs with fast turn-around and we use only A-grade blank cd-r media, Our Industrial custom made copying system is able to utilize 300 burners all at once, as a result, reducing time spent in the duplication procedure.

eco folio – 2009 American package design award winner.

CD Duplication products and services are not all alike. Here at Abet Disc we fully grasp that your music and design are the end result of hours of creative hard work. Your job will be managed by your support team who values both you and your artistic work. Professionally completed duplicate CD from Abet Disc will present your art in the absolute best way.

When you need CD duplication services, only at Abet Disc you’ll find extras like free barcode, free over-runs, free master disc shipping, free upgrade to photo quality full-color Thermal on-disc printing and $20 off on your first order. We go the further distance to guarantee all of your anticipations are satisfied. If you need to have CD duplicated next-day, you can rely on us to provide top quality product.

Visit our CD Duplication page to see various packaging options, we also provide custom-designed one-of-a-kind cd packaging options.

Quality Fast CD Duplication Made Easy!

CD Duplication is the perfect choice for producing short-run small volumes from 100 to 500 discs at low-cost. It is very popular among the independent musicians and businesses. There are various ways to use CD Duplication; CD Duplication can help you save time and expense. You may be marketing your new music or perhaps a business presentation document by means of CDs or a lecture that will require to be copied and handed out.

Fast Turnaround
Abet Disc CD Duplication business with state-of-the-art technologies and experience can supply you with totally error free completed product with fast turn-around. The Quality of the CD-R (Compact Disc Recordable) media is extremely important to the quality of the duplication result. We only use the finest obtainable media in the industry. Our professional custom made disc copying system is able to utilize a collection of 300 disc burners simultaneously, thus, reducing time spent in the duplication process.

CD Printing
Free upgrade your duplication order with full-color on-disc printing, high photo quality Thermal disc printing with vibrant and lasting colors with protective, smutch and water proof coating, Thermal retransfer printing is pigmented ink technology with UV ray protection. This CD printing process helps to guarantee the vivid colors on your Compact disks will last all through the lifetime of the CD. Your disc will have the ability to successfully pass any sunlight and dashboard test.

Quality Fast CD Duplication Made Easy!

High Image Resolution
Thanks to Thermal cd printing smeared, smudged, or nicked certainly are a thing from the pass. High image resolution full color for photo realistic pictures. If B/W (Black and White), monochrome, grey scale illustration, photo or simply text is required with Thermal printing all of your images will be durable. Printed right on the surface of the disc, the long-lasting solution will help to protect against wear & tear. Very important to retail, Thermal direct on CD printing makes it possible for duplicated discs to be utilized for commercial distribution mainly because it can tolerate the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

Master Disc
When placing an order for Compact disc duplication you will need to supply a backup copy of your master disc. Your final, edited, and mastered audio recording or software data master disc needs to be carefully reviewed to insure its error free before submitting for duplication. Simply because this master disc will be utilized as a blueprint for all of the duplicated discs, it is the very last piece of the puzzle. Here are a few other factors to consider while preparing your master compact disk for duplication.

Quality Media
The media quality of the master disc is definitely important for duplication, always obtain the very best quality CD-R media. Look for an ideal suitable brand name that could produce top quality master disc for duplication. We highly recommend burning method for music, audio and data is Disk-At-Once setting. The ideal burn speed for your master disc is determined by your burner. The best burn speed setting for the master discs will probably be fifty percent of your drive’s highest possible ability.

Right after you have carried out the burning of your master disc, test drive it in your computer, on your home stereo system as well as in your vehicle. Reviewing the quality and also to ensure a mistake free master is of the highest importance. Be sure to check Every one of the tracks and its transition from one tune to another. Bear in mind your master disc will be the foundation of the final CDs. It truly is critical to ensure the master disc is clear from any scratches.

Free Master Disc Shipping
CD Duplication orders over $200 qualify for free master disc shipping. A pre-paid FedEx mailing label, paid by Abet Disc, will be email to you, print the label, stick it, and drop off your master disc at any FedEx location near you.

Free Extras

Easy reordering
Abet Disc will store your master disc and art-work safe and clean for future reorders.

CD Duplication Los Angeles CA

CD Duplication in Los Angeles with industry-leading quality, quick turnaround times and Low Price Promise, you can feel confident that Abet Disc is your very best choice.

CD Duplication services in Los Angeles by Abet Disc is perfect for you if you have a master disc with audio or data files on it, and you need them copied onto multiple CDs.

One important thing to remember is that when you send in your master disc, it will be copied exactly as-is, so be sure that no changes need to be made to your data. Place all your data and songs / music in the desired order, and we will make as many copies of it as you wish!

Whether you are looking for music, audio, or data CD Duplication in Los Angeles, choosing a professional company to handle this process for you carries many advantages!

For example, professional equipment used for CD Duplication in Los Angeles allows Abet Disc to quickly produce high-quality copies of your CDs at very competitive rates. The great thing about CD Duplication in Los Angeles is that it can be used to make a smaller quantity (hundreds) of copies of your original CD. CD Duplication Los Angeles

CD Bulk Duplication

CD in DigiPak Duplication

CD in DVD Case Duplication

CD in Jacket Duplication

CD in Wallet Duplication

CD in Paper Sleeve Duplication

CD in Jewel Case Duplication

CD in Slim Case Duplication

With our industry-leading quality, quick turnaround times and Low Price Promise, you can feel confident that Abet Disc is your very best choice.

30 Day Price Match


CD Duplication Review“Thanks, got the CD’s on Thursday just in time. They look great as usual. Everyone was super stoked.” -Matt


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Another great feature offered by Abet Disc is the “thermal on-disc printing” for your CD’s graphics.

Unlike other companies that use ink-jet printing to duplicate your artwork, we utilize a two-step process, which uses heat and pressure, to transfer wax-based ink onto a CD. This results in the highest-quality, deep color visual presentation of your graphics. In addition, thermal on-disc printing is permanent – unlike some labels that peel off over time.

As a nice bonus, Abet Disc includes a free barcode on all CD Duplication orders, and a free master disc mailing service. This is a rare find in a company that offers CD Duplication in Los Angeles!

Abet Disc has assisted clients throughout Los Angeles, CA USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe with their CD Duplication needs by offering the highest-quality, 100% guaranteed fulfillment services at the best prices! We have worked with professional musicians, film makers, and various artists who have relied on our company to deliver the best end-product copies of their CDs.

The Difference June 2012 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Difference June 2012 2012 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Please join us in congratulating The Difference – UK Remix our June 2012 Abet Design Contest Winner!

To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive. Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.

Abet Disc

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