December 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

December 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Please join us in congratulating “Oddmodern” December 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive. Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.


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November 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

November 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Blue Meriidian – Skint & Shattered

Please join us in congratulating “Blue Meriidian” November 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive. Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.


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30 Days Price Matching, Money Back Guarantee.

Are you searching for the best deal on DVDs or CDs? In a hurry?
If you don’t have time to shop around and need discs now,

Abet Disc is offering a 30-Day Price Match Guarantee!
This means you can order our high quality optical discs and packaging now, while knowing you’ll never pay more than the very lowest possible price for 30 days!

We will gladly beat or at least match any web-published North American pricing (using glass-mastered stamped discs) using configurations found in our price quote. This policy excludes, non ISO-certified product. If you find a lower price, within 30 days of a purchase from Abet Disc, we’ll match it

If you find a lower price within 30 days of placing your order
Abet Disc we’ll match or beat it. call us at 1-866-574-0275

Abet Disc manufactures ISO certified / IRMA compliant discs. Many people are not aware that some replicators don’t pay royalties (which could bring you legal troubles), or cut corners in their quality control and customer service. If you want the best, demand ISO certification to maintain Sony’s and Phillips’ stringent guidelines that ensure 100% compatibility with all CD, CD-ROM, DVD, and SACD optical disc players worldwide.

CD Replication

CD Replication services are great for making 500 or more copies of one master CD. The difference between CD Duplication and CD Replication processes is that the former records data sequentially onto a disc, while the latter uses a stamping process that transfers the information all at once.


CD Replication, or Compact Disc Manufacturing, process used by Abet Disc ensures that every copy of your original master disc is replicated with the utmost precision and accuracy. First, a laser is used to etch a duplicate of your original CD master onto a glass plate. This plate is too fragile to be used for replication, so it is primarily used to make metal “stampers,” which can then be used to replicate your original CD.


The next step uses electroforming to plate the glass base with metal, which copies all the pits and lands of the original master disc onto the new, “Father stamper.” From there, the Father stamper becomes “the master copy,” so to speak, and is used to make hundreds of other CD replicas.


This is done by inserting the stamper into an automatic injection machine, which uses thermoplastic polymer substance to create a plastic-disc replica of the Father disc. It can make many such discs in a relatively short period of time, which is why CD Replication is typically used for quantities of 500 and more.


The plastic replica made in the injection machine is actually transparent, and cannot be read by a player – the laser beam goes right through it. Therefore, a very thin aluminum coat is applied to its surface, which is then covered with protective lacquer against scratches.


This highly intricate process requires accuracy and experience with the chemical components involved, so as to ensure that the transfer of data goes very smoothly. The coordination of all the steps in the process has to be quite precise too. Afterward, each finished CD is then put through a very high-quality full-color offset on-disc printing process. The best part is that, unlike some competitors, Abet Disc does not charge extra for the full-color printing!


At Abet Disc, we believe in providing our clients with the best quality product, because this ensures that their talents, whether it be music, software, games, or any other proprietary data, are well represented by every disc we replicate. Most of the time, CD Replication has superior quality advantages over CD Duplication, which is why you will find that Abet Disc is one of the only companies that offers CD Replication services starting at 100+ CDs!


Abet Disc is a well-established company and can fulfill all aspects of CD Replication and packaging. This includes Card Disc / Mini Disc CD Replication, DigiPak, Eco Wallet 4 & 6 panel CD, Jewel Case 2 – 8 panel CD, O Card / Slipcase, Paper Sleeve CD, Poly / Amaray / DVD case CD, Sleeve / Jacket CD, Spine Labels, and more.


Don’t forget that we also give you a free certified barcode with every CD Replication order, and even pay for your master disc shipping – something you won’t find with other companies!


With us, you can expect to find the highest quality in the industry, along with some of the best prices! Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we stand behind our products with a 30-Day Price Matching Guarantee and 100% Quality Guarantee!


January 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

January 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Stems and Seeds

Please join us in congratulating our January 2011 Abet Design Contest Winner!

To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive.

Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.


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December 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

December 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner!

Groove Thief

Please join us in congratulating our December 2010 Abet Design Contest Winner
To all contest participants, thank you for your submissions. The designs we have received were very impressive.
Once again, we appreciates your participation in the Abet Design Contest.


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CD Duplication

CD Duplication services offered by Abet Disc are perfect for you if you already have a master disc with audio or data files on it, and you need them copied onto multiple blank CDs.

With songs and music, one of the most common master copy formats is CD-R (Compact Disc – Recordable), which is an optical medium that allows files to be written on a disc only once, but retains the capability to be read multiple times.

One important thing to remember is that when you send in your master disc, it will be copied exactly as-is, so be sure that no changes need to be made to your data. Place all your data and songs / music in the desired order, and we will make as many copies of it as you wish!

Whether you are looking for music, audio, or data CD Duplication, choosing a professional company to handle this process for you carries many advantages!

For example, professional equipment used for CD Duplication allows Abet Disc to quickly produce high-quality copies of your CDs at very competitive rates. This process would would take you weeks to do on your home computer, so there is a huge time advantage to having a professional company do it for you.

The great thing about CD Duplication is that it can be used to make a smaller quantity (hundreds) of copies of your original CD. This is a good alternative to CD Replication services, which are typically used to replicate much bigger quantities (thousands) of CDs.

When you use a professional company to take care of your CD Duplication needs, you get a much higher quality end-product, too!

This is because all of the blank CDs that Abet Disc uses in this process are better than the ones that you could normally get at the store. In addition, all the audio and data duplication equipment used to copy your files is designed specifically for the purpose of accurate, high-quality duplication.

This is especially important for musicians, who like their duplicated CDs to come out with a much better sound quality then if they were to manually undertake this process on a home computer. Abet Disc maintains the highest quality standards in the industry, therefore giving you assurance that your duplicated audio CDs will do a great job at representing your musical talents!

Another great feature offered by Abet Disc is the “thermal on-disc printing” for your CD’s graphics.

Unlike other companies that use ink-jet printing to duplicate your artwork, we utilize a two-step process, which uses heat and pressure, to transfer wax-based ink onto a CD. This results in the highest-quality, deep color visual presentation of your graphics. In addition, thermal on-disc printing is permanent – unlike some labels that peel off over time.

Along with CD Duplication, we provide high quality “offset printing” on your CD covers, inserts, booklets, sleeves, jackets, wallets, and DigiPaks.

This is different from laser-color copiers that are used by some competitors,  because it produces much clearer, sharper-looking graphics that cannot be otherwise achieved with a regular laser copier.

This unique printing technique transfers your original image onto a flat rubber surface, which then uses ink from various-color rollers to print amazing quality graphics onto DigiPaks, CD sleeves, jackets, and more!

As a nice bonus, Abet Disc includes a free barcode on all CD Duplication orders, and a free master disc mailing service. This is a rare find in a company that offers CD Duplication!

Abet Disc has assisted clients throughout USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe with their CD Duplication needs by offering the highest-quality, 100% guaranteed fulfillment services at the best prices! We have worked with professional musicians, film makers, and various artists who have relied on our company to deliver the best end-product copies of their CDs.

Replication Process

1: Pre-Mastering
In this stage Abet Disc inspects the format and structure of the media that is supplied by the customer.

Step 2: Mastering
A substrate treated with a photosensitive layer is prepared.
An LBR (Laser Beam Recorder) is used to transfer your data/music and forms the pits and tracks onto the substrate.
A developing solution enables the zones that were exposed by the laser to be removed.
The substrate is placed into a vacuum deposition chamber and covered with a layer of silver.
The end product is a metalized glass master. It is then inspected and analyzed for electrical signal properties.

Step 3: Electroplating
Glass master is mounted and immersed into a solution of nickel sulfamate.
A process of electrolysis takes place between two electrodes, the anode and the cathode. This creates a nickel layer which is separated from the glass master in order to obtain the stamper.
The stamper is rinsed, dried & covered with a protective film.
The back face is sanded and polished in order to prepare it for pressing.
The stamper is then punched in the center and the outside and checked for uniform thickness.

4: Molding
The stamper is placed in a special mold and clamped together under very high pressure. Molten polycarbonate is then injected into the mold and after a few seconds of cooling, a clear disc is ejected, now containing the information or pit track from the stamper.

A fine layer of aluminum is sputtered onto the surface of the transparent disc. This allows the disc to be read by the reflection of the laser on the layer of information.
A fine layer of clear lacquer is then deposited on the metallic surface of the disc, then dried under a UV lamp. This is done in order to protect the CD and
prepare it for screen or offset printing.

Each CD is then inspected for physical imperfections and common molding flaws using a high speed camera inspection system.
All orders are tested at the beginning and the end through the High Tech Optical Testing Equipment to Phillips and Sony specifications.

Step 5: Pre-Press
The film or file is initially reviewed by trained graphic staff and checked for conformity, colors, size, resolution, fonts etc…
Pre-stretched screens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion, dried and measured.
Once dried, a film positive is positioned upon the coated screen and exposed in a light unit for a set time.
After exposure, the developed emulsion protected by the film is washed away with water. This leaves a hardened stencil with print area free of exposed emulsion.

Step 6: Screen Printing
Press-ready screens are mounted on the printing press.
Ink is placed on the screen and a squeegee passes across the image area pressing ink through the screen and onto the CD surface. One screen is required for each color.
Once the ink is applied, it is instantly cured or dried under a UV light before the next color is printed.
Each CD is inspected through sophisticated optics for correct inner hub identification and print quality.

CD Duplication Inside Out

CD Bulk Duplication

CD in DigiPak Duplication

CD in DVD Case Duplication

CD in Jacket Duplication

CD in Wallet Duplication

CD in Paper Sleeve Duplication

CD in Jewel Case Duplication

CD in Slim Case Duplication

With our industry-leading quality, quick turnaround times and Low Price Promise, you can feel confident that Abet Disc is your very best choice.

30 Day Price Match


CD Duplication Review“Thanks, got the CD’s on Thursday just in time. They look great as usual. Everyone was super stoked.” -Matt


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CD Duplication is an excellent option for the production of short-run low quantities from 10 to 300 discs at low cost. It’s a favorite among indie artists and small companies.
There are many different uses for CD Duplication; CD Duplication can save you time and money. Whether you are promoting your music or a presentation report in the form of CD or software/driver that needs to be duplicated and distributed.

All CD burners have a specific speed for burning (eg. 12X, 16X, 52X) as do CD-Rs. All burning equipments have maximum burning speed and quality.

A CD Duplication company with advanced technologies and expertise can provide you with error free CDs with quick turnaround. We recommend duplicate at 50 percent of drives’ maximum speed capacity for optimal audio quality and error free data. CD-R the recording media is very important to CD Duplication success. We recommend using only A-grade media. Commercial custom duplication systems are able to use 300 recorders at the same time, therefore, cutting down time spent in the burning process.

On-disc printing, Thermal retransfer printing is pigmented ink technology with UV protection. This process helps to ensure the vibrant colors on your CDs last throughout the life of the disc. Your disc at this point should be able to pass any sunshine or dashboard test. Smeared, smudged, or scratched are a thing of the pass with Thermal printing. Available in high-resolution full-color for photo-realistic images, black, monochrome for grey-scale images, or just text, Thermal retransfer is durable. Printed directly to the surface of the disc, the permanent solution helps to prevent wear & tear. Essential for retail, Thermal on-disc printing enables discs to be used for commercial distribution because it can withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

When placing an order for CD Duplication you must provide a copy of your master disc. This should be carefully burned copy of your final, edited, and mastered audio recording or software data disc. Since this master disc will be used as a blueprint for all your duplication, it is the last piece of the puzzle. There are a few other things to take into account when preparing your master disc for duplication.

The master disc media is of the extremely importance for duplication, always purchase the highest quality Red Book approved CD-R media. Find a suitable proper brand that will produce quality master disc each and every time for duplication, we recommend Taiyo Yuden. Most suitable burning mode for audio and data is Disk-At-Once mode. When you burn your disc in the Track-At-Once mode, a gap of 2 seconds is added in between each song. These gaps could be read by the duplicators as errors or glitches in the audio data, and may cause problems during the duplication process. The optimal burn speed for your master disc depends on your burner’s drive speed. The optimal burn speed setting for your master discs will be 50 percent of the drive’s maximum capacity.

After you’re done burning the master disc, test it on your home stereo and in your car. Checking the quality and to ensure an error free master is of the utmost import. Make sure to check ALL the songs and its transition from one song to another. Remember your master is the foundation of the final products. It is imperative the master is clear from any scratches.

Service oriented company will store your master disc and art-work safe and clean for re-orders.
For information on CD Duplication visit an industry leader in CD/DVD Duplication, CD/DVD Replication Audio Mastering, award winning CD Cover Design and Printing.

CD Replication & Duplication Starting at 100+

CD Short Run Duplication

CD Replication

Just recorded your debut album? Let Abet Disc replicate and turn it into a professional CD. From mastering your CDs to designing and printing the inlays for your ‘jam’ we pride ourselves for providing a fast and reliable service getting your goods delivered to you in time.

Our audio CD replication packages; CDs in Jewel Cases, CDs in DigiPaks, CDs in Sleeves, CD Cardiscs and Bulk CDs come with free CD glass mastering in real-time (1x) for highest audio quality.

Did you know that CD Duplication and CD Replication are two different things though they sound just about the same? The two processes provide similar results, but differ in the quantity of CDs you can copy and the methods used. In duplication the data is burned on the surface of recordable CDs while in replication, a glass master is created which stamps data onto the CDs. Quantities for CD duplication are usually between one and three hundred, while replication is used for quantities of more than three hundred, you can even make a million copies using CD replication!

Read some excellent FAQs on more interesting tips and a comparison of both techniques.

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