What is the ECO printing concept?

The business and the environment usually clash in terms of ideas and actions. The common stereotype exists that business is all about money and have totally no regard for nature. The existence of many technological advancements and nature-exploiting companies have only aggravated the common tag about the two different areas. But, in the core of it all, there are still some people who come up with creative ways to connect the two areas harmoniously. One such example is the ECO printing concept used in many businesses. This is a perfect example of making a profit without stepping on the face of environmental awareness.


What is the ECO printing concept? This is a printing concept that utilizes ink made from soy oil. The conventional ink people use at home are made from petroleum, which is harmful to the environment. In short, ECO printing is a “green” way to produce paper materials that require ink for pictures and text. One company that use the “green” alternative in their business is Abet Printing. They use soy oil-based ink in producing CD and DVD insert, folder, jacket, sleeve and booklet. This types of products require large amounts of inks in order to maintain quality. One edge of ECO printing is that it is more affordable than using petroleum ink.


Whether for large-scale projects or special printing orders, the use of soy ink has been proven to be more cost-effective than using petroleum. For one, many newspapers are printed out using soy ink. There isn’t much difference anyway in terms of quality of images and text; in fact, there have been reports that ECO printing is more accurate in achieving colors. Businesses who are into printing heavy brochures, thick 16pt card stock, business card, postcard, digipak, envelop, and rip tear off cards need not worry about sacrificing quality just for the love of nature. ECO printing has made it possible to deliver top-notch paper products for low cost and environment-friendly practices. To go more than the extra mile, Abet Printing offers free shipping of products to their customers.


Who says business and love for the environment cannot go into one perfect mix? The results of many awareness campaigns and perhaps the happening of stronger catastrophic natural events have made citizens more careful about their environment. It is a reasonable reaction since they are the very victims of the harm they inflict on the planet. ECO printing serves as one step in turning wrongs into good things. By being more responsible about each person’s carbon footprint, people reduce their excesses and embrace simplicity.


Though there are still some who sacrifice the environment for profit, the growth of social entrepreneurship is on the rise. ECO printing is not just about a business earning money. It is also about caring for the surroundings by producing organic ink and making paper recyclable and easier to dispose. More so, it opened doors in inspiring other businesses to take the jump into environment-friendly solutions and still earn income from the process.

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