DVD Replication

DVD Replication Review

DVD Replication Review

“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to all of you. It is rare to find a company that responds right away, that knows what they are doing, that provides outstanding support and can follow directions. This project was a nightmare for me and you guys kept up with all of the changes, you advised me and got me through. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job! The product looks absolutely amazing and everything is where it should be!! Thanks! —Cooking Hawaiian Style”


All CD / DVD Duplication, Replication and Printing orders are subject to 10% over/under run, we don’t charge for over-runs!
We don’t believe in charging you more if we produce more items than you order, there for we charge you shipping after your order is completed.
You will receive an email with your total shipping coast and instructions to pay for your shipping, your paid invoice will include your tracking number and a link where you can track your package.

DVD Replication & Duplication Starting at 100

DVD Short Run Duplication

DVD Replication

DVD Duplication and Replication, from high school graduation videos to corporate videos that need professional distribution. Let Abet Disc author and design your DVD’s layout and inserts and pack it for distribution.

For your publication you can go for DVDs in DVD Cases, DVDs in Sleeves, DVDs in DigiPaks, DVD CardDiscs or make Bulk DVD orders on any of these variations.

Did you know that DVD Duplication and DVD Replication are two different things though they sound just about the same? The two processes provide similar results, but differ in the quantity of DVDs you can copy and the methods used. In duplication the data is burned on the surface of recordable DVDs while in replication, a glass master is created which stamps data onto the DVDs. Quantities for DVD duplication are usually between one and three hundred, while replication is used for quantities of more than three hundred, you can even make a million copies using DVD replication!

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CD Duplication ReviewAfter using a “major” replicating firm on my previous two projects I decided to try someone different. My producer recommended Abet. I am glad he did. Abet is truly professional, reliable and affordable. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks to everyone at Abet. It was a great pleasure having you complete my project. — Robert Matter

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When mastering do you work with a stereo master file, or do you work with all of the separate tracks of the song?
We accept the following file formats: Stereo: 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit preferably in 44.1KHz. Multi-tracks: if you are bouncing your tracks in to sub groups we prefer 24-bit 441.KHz.

2. Can you work with wav. files for mastering?
We accept both wav. and aiff files.

3. Can the design files be sent to you via Internet?
Yes, you can upload your files online ( upload ).

4. If I have a rough idea of how the cd cover should look, do you also make suggestions and help with the design?
Yes, our designers will work with all the elements you provide, and we have a design idea form you can complete to help the designers better grasp what you are envisioning.

5. If I need to print more cd’s in the future, can I send you the master copy and you print more cd’s?
We save your master copy and artwork for future reorders, all you have to do is simply place an order and we are ready to start.

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Abet Disc Client Testimonials

Taking care of you is our #1 priority, thank you for the opportunity to serve you. –Abet Disc

testimonial "It was a pleasure to work with Abet Disc for our DVD duplication needs. We had a small run, but were treated like a "big" customer. The Abet Disc website was extremely easy to use and with little effort our supply of live concert DVDs were on my desk in short order. I feel like I’ve found a new partner for my promotional activities. — Nancy Meyer – Personal Manager for Ernie Watts Bates Meyer, Inc."

testimonial “We have been a customer of Abet Disc for many years and they have never disappointed us. Their service and timeliness are both impeccable. They are very flexible and always work within our deadlines. I would recommend abet disc to anyone” – GTCbio

testimonial "Hey Aeron, CDs look great!! Big Thanks for all your help." -Eileen Carey


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