Understanding Artwork Graphic Design Templates


Template Guidelines

Safety lines are for safeguarding text and graphics that aren’t intended to be trimmed.

Keep in mind that due to the mechanical tolerances in printing, the actual trim can occur anyplace in between the bleed and the safety lines. This is the reason why it is very important to keep your text and graphics inside the safety lines.

It is good practice to keep all text or graphics that aren’t intended to be trimmed off a minimum of .25″ from the cut line.

Safety areas typically range from .0625″ (1/16″) to .25″ (1/4″).

Bleed must extend to Bleed line, further than the Cut line. Using our templates can help visualize this. Please keep all text and anything you do not want cut inside the Safety line.


March Madness by Abet Disc – $100 off CD and DVD Design

Graphic Design

I’ve enjoyed seeing thousands of unique CDs and DVDs come off the press and on to the current market. And I notice instantly which covers had been designed by a professional and which of them were not. And you can as well.

The truth is, so can every person. Skillfully designed covers simply look far better and – regardless of whether you are mindful of it or otherwise – you instantaneously pass judgment on the content of the package whether it’s music or movie based upon the cover style and design. I wanted to make great design even more affordable for musicians and film makers simply because your work deserves to stand out.

So, from now until 3/31/2013, you will save $100 on any graphic design when you order 1,000 or more CDs or DVDs in any package, Our team of expert, award-winning graphic designers will make your cover resemble a million dollars.

CD & DVD Design Portfolio

Countless numbers of clients just like you have adored their final results from Abet Disc. I’m sure you will as well.

Best regards,

Aeron Nersoya

Your Consultant

Abet Disc

DVD Cover Art Design

The Importance of an Eye Catching DVD Graphic Cover Art Design

Let’s face it –many people are visually oriented, in fact, catching the consumer’s “eye” is one of the most “central “themes in marketing and advertising. Millions are spent each year on assessing and studying the importance of “packaging” which means that, not only does the quality of your product have to be amazing, but the cover design also has to rock.

Special thanks to Chill Mood for the soundtrack.

30 Days Price Matching, Money Back Guarantee.

Are you searching for the best deal on DVDs or CDs? In a hurry?
If you don’t have time to shop around and need discs now,

Abet Disc is offering a 30-Day Price Match Guarantee!
This means you can order our high quality optical discs and packaging now, while knowing you’ll never pay more than the very lowest possible price for 30 days!

We will gladly beat or at least match any web-published North American pricing (using glass-mastered stamped discs) using configurations found in our price quote. This policy excludes, non ISO-certified product. If you find a lower price, within 30 days of a purchase from Abet Disc, we’ll match it

If you find a lower price within 30 days of placing your order
Abet Disc we’ll match or beat it. call us at 1-866-574-0275

Abet Disc manufactures ISO certified / IRMA compliant discs. Many people are not aware that some replicators don’t pay royalties (which could bring you legal troubles), or cut corners in their quality control and customer service. If you want the best, demand ISO certification to maintain Sony’s and Phillips’ stringent guidelines that ensure 100% compatibility with all CD, CD-ROM, DVD, and SACD optical disc players worldwide.

You have found what you are looking for! Now what?

There is no doubt that musicians and filmmakers have been lucky enough to be blessed with a special gift– that artistic ability that turns them into masters at their craft, whether it is by creating that song for the next hit CD or weaving a wonderful story for that next successful movie on DVD.

However, in order to produce a truly overall professional product of the highest quality, the technical side must be viewed as a final and critical step in the overall making of that CD or DVD, in essence, the finishing touch that will make it perfect.

Therefore, deciding which company you will entrust with your cherished CD or DVD for duplication, replication, audio mastering, DVD authoring or any other type of optical disc media manufacturing, is one of the most important decisions you can make. So, it makes sense to go with a company that has worked extensively with both the film and music industry, assisting these major record label companies and movie studios by producing, on their behalf, the highest quality DVD and CD products on the market Abet Disc is the answer.

testimonial“I have been a performer since 1965–with records in the Top Ten and a Grammy award, too. I’ve also composed music for many movies as well as performing on national TV shows such as “Tonight”. Abet Disc has facilitated me in many ways: manufacturing 2 CDs of my music, as well as making excellent DVDs of my movie and TV work. I thoroughly recommend this company. I have had nothing but excellent quality work as well as extreme politeness and thoughtfulness.” Ian Whitcomb.
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