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For best results, please listen to this demo video in your studio environment, or on high quality headphones in HD.

Abet Disc precision mastering by seasoned engineer, using top of the line tools, ideal for high quality audio mastering for music CD, movie and live concert performance DVD.

A short list of audio mastering tools:

Spectral multiband complex dynamic range with Compression and Expansion for each of the five bands with two filterbank for precise linear-phase gain control for more “analog” sound. High quality stereo and dual mono four-band classic parametric Equalizer, to preserve the greatest sonic detail and ensure a minimum of artifacts in the upper frequency range up-sampled to 192kHz. with high-pass analog mastering filters with far-reaching 18 dB per octave. Both channels of the Equalizer feature four bands of filtering grouped in two overlapping pairs: Two for low frequencies, two for high frequencies. A +/- 8 dB shelving or peak/notch filter is available for each band with five peak/notch responses per band with .5 dB stepped gain and stepped frequency. Colorless, transparent single-band, look-ahead brick-wall mastering limiter with 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window, which prevents clipping, and guarantees zero overshoot performance. Both the attack and release curves are optimized for professional mastering, which minimizes aliasing.

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Copyright Basics for Music – What Every Artist Needs to Know

As an author of a brand new song, you know how it feels to pour your heart and soul into something beautiful that the world can then enjoy. The only thing is – before you send your new creation off to stardom, you need to ensure that it is well protected by copyright laws. Otherwise the product of your hard work will be vulnerable to piracy, and you may end up losing the rights to its ownership.

Copyrighting is a legal form of protection offered to authors of various intellectual property. When it comes to music, there are a few basics that will help you better understand the process of copyrighting your original works – such as songs and music.

The law is structured so that once you have your song or musical notes down on paper, or recorded on a CD, it actually creates a copyright – as long as you have it in a “tangible” format. The problem arises when someone else has the same song on paper – then you would actually have to prove that you had your copy first! To solve this problem, original works need to be registered with the Library of Congress, and even then you are not fully protected against claims of authorship for your music.

That’s why there are so many intellectual property lawyers who like to take on complicated copyright cases and argue them in court…Fees for unlawful use of copyrighted music can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s no small laughing matter. Music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and there are heavy penalties in place to prevent people from stealing others’ intellectual property.

Once you have copyrighted your song or music, you will hold the exclusive rights to do the following:
 Make copies of your work
 To make other works which are a derivative of the original
 Sell your work (often by licensing, leasing or lending)
 Perform your work in public (includes its use in movies)
 Display your work in public (audio-visual types of work, graphics, etc.)

Artists often go through a music publishing company, whereby they enter into a contract for the publisher to promote, distribute, and sell your music on your behalf. In this case, you basically assign the copyright to the publisher, and they in turn take their cut of the profits. Because of this, it is in their best interest to sell as many licensed copies of your music as possible – the more they sell, the bigger their profit margin is.

Another interesting copyright emerged in the early 70’s – which is called a “master recording copyright.” It copyrights the way your song is originally recorded. If someone wants to use your music in their public work (like a motion picture), you can request that they pay two separate copyright fees – one for the music, and one for the master recording.

If you record your new song with a major record label, then that company will be able to hold a master recording copyright and collect any future royalties from the use of your song and music in any public work – advertisements, movies, and so on.

Find out more about the copyright process by visiting the U.S. Copyright Office’s website: .

A Special Thanks to All Abet Disc clients!

“A Special Thanks to All Abet Disc clients! We are very grateful and honored to have served you for over 20 years! It was very exciting to be the first CD/DVD Duplication service provider with 24/7 online ordering back in 2007. We thank you for making the switch easy! We will continue providing you with great service with the lowest prices guarantee!” This is just another an example of who they are as a company they appreciate your business and do not mind telling you.

When it comes to musicians there is a talent that cannot be denied and if you are able to capture it just like film you are the luckiest of all. The magical moments of creating music to film can put goose bumps or raise hair on your back and this is what you want captured and preserved forever. What you need to find is a company that you will fully trust with your work and you want professional quality and a finishing touch that is superb. So, go with a company that has the experience and has the skills to make it happen for you.

Abet Disc has been leading the way when it comes to quality and they believe quality is ultimately a reflection of how much they value their customers. Clients are very knowledgeable of corporations and independent filmmakers who know the difference when it comes to a quality production. The Standards of Conduct with their suppliers is top quality too. Their quality monitoring processes in place are there to provide consistency so the client receives a top quality product. So, try them and let them make you another satisfied customer of Abet Disc.

Placing an order cannot be any simpler, once you go online and place it, you will receive an order confirmation by email with a receipt and your order-ID#. A pre-paid FedEx mailing label, paid by Abet Disc, will be emailed to you, print the label, stick it on your package and drop it off at any FedEx location near you. You can even pick up your Abet Disc order if you want to. Simply wait until your order is shipped so you will have a tracking number, which is emailed to you and then you may pick it up at any FedEx location near you nationwide in the USA. Our job is not done until it is in your hands and you are satisfied! In a few days, depending on the timeframe selected, you will receive a professionally finished product. It really can be that simple.

DVD Audio Mastering before and after sample

Carpenters Live DVD audio MasteringAs a young child, I remember the classic cartoon movies from favorite producers that would put them out and then take them off the market. Every now and then you would see them come out of the vault and be offered for sale. With Abet Disc you no longer have to wait for anything to come of the safe again. You are able to take your own movie classics and have them duplicated and be 100% error free. Think about your musicals and with the equipment everyone is enjoying in their homes for example the 5.1 surround sound DVDS players you will be able to enjoy your new DVD movie too.

The DVD players may vary in sizes the end goal is the same they provides you the entertainment you enjoy and now you can have even the slightest sound be heard throughout the room. Surround sound can make something as sweet as a raindrop fall in the rainforest, a raging river and a canoe go by trying to gain control or even a person fly fishing and listening to the string as it whips through the air unforgettable. Imagine watching a classic and seeing a tap dancer in the rain, everyone enjoys a classic. If your audio is in true 5.1 (6 channels) it will be mastered as 5.1 and if it’s in stereo (2 channels) it will be mastered as stereo. It is like being at the movies in your own home.

A grade A DVD single layer 4.7 GB capacity media will be used, it is guaranteed to be 100% error free, and upon completion of your order, you will receive an email with your total shipping coast and instructions to pay for your shipping. Your paid invoice will include your tracking number and a link where you can track your package. They have made the process of getting your item very easy for you. Abet Disc is close by to everyone, they are nationwide and you can order and receive your item in no time. So take the opportunity to enjoy one of your classics on your surround sound DVD player and have a pleasurable experience. You will be glad you did. What a great gift idea!

Audio Mastering customer Review“Hey guys, just wanted to thank you, Hawaiian Treasure sounds beautifully warm and full. The edges blend perfectly, Amazing job!!! I’m extremely pleased with the quality of your work. I received samples from 3 different mastering engineers, and yours is simply the best, and your prices are unbelievable! I love your customer service skills and quick responses thanks again, it’s a blessing to have a dedicated professionals to work with. -CM”


Why do I need professional mastering?

  • Accrued judging of audio loudness professional loudness and peak level normalization.
  • Advanced encoding, improved headroom for encoding, available only in pro-level mastering studio encoders.
  • Resolution, highest sample bit rate conversion and dithering, available only in pro-level mastering studio custom made gears.
  • The mastering room acoustics, accrued A/B comparisons on tested and calibrated custom bulled for highest quality natural sounding speakers/monitors.
  • Pro engineer, experience and knowledge, highly specialized mastering techniques and strategies.

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