A Special Thanks to All Abet Disc clients!

“A Special Thanks to All Abet Disc clients! We are very grateful and honored to have served you for over 20 years! It was very exciting to be the first CD/DVD Duplication service provider with 24/7 online ordering back in 2007. We thank you for making the switch easy! We will continue providing you with great service with the lowest prices guarantee!” This is just another an example of who they are as a company they appreciate your business and do not mind telling you.

When it comes to musicians there is a talent that cannot be denied and if you are able to capture it just like film you are the luckiest of all. The magical moments of creating music to film can put goose bumps or raise hair on your back and this is what you want captured and preserved forever. What you need to find is a company that you will fully trust with your work and you want professional quality and a finishing touch that is superb. So, go with a company that has the experience and has the skills to make it happen for you.

Abet Disc has been leading the way when it comes to quality and they believe quality is ultimately a reflection of how much they value their customers. Clients are very knowledgeable of corporations and independent filmmakers who know the difference when it comes to a quality production. The Standards of Conduct with their suppliers is top quality too. Their quality monitoring processes in place are there to provide consistency so the client receives a top quality product. So, try them and let them make you another satisfied customer of Abet Disc.

Placing an order cannot be any simpler, once you go online and place it, you will receive an order confirmation by email with a receipt and your order-ID#. A pre-paid FedEx mailing label, paid by Abet Disc, will be emailed to you, print the label, stick it on your package and drop it off at any FedEx location near you. You can even pick up your Abet Disc order if you want to. Simply wait until your order is shipped so you will have a tracking number, which is emailed to you and then you may pick it up at any FedEx location near you nationwide in the USA. Our job is not done until it is in your hands and you are satisfied! In a few days, depending on the timeframe selected, you will receive a professionally finished product. It really can be that simple.

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