quality fast cd duplication made easy

Quality Fast CD Duplication Made Easy!

CD Duplication is the perfect choice for producing short-run small volumes from 100 to 500 discs at low-cost. It is very popular among the independent musicians and businesses. There are various ways to use CD Duplication; CD Duplication can help you save time and expense. You may be marketing your new music or perhaps a business presentation document by means of CDs or a lecture that will require to be copied and handed out.

Fast Turnaround
Abet Disc CD Duplication business with state-of-the-art technologies and experience can supply you with totally error free completed product with fast turn-around. The Quality of the CD-R (Compact Disc Recordable) media is extremely important to the quality of the duplication result. We only use the finest obtainable media in the industry. Our professional custom made disc copying system is able to utilize a collection of 300 disc burners simultaneously, thus, reducing time spent in the duplication process.

CD Printing
Free upgrade your duplication order with full-color on-disc printing, high photo quality Thermal disc printing with vibrant and lasting colors with protective, smutch and water proof coating, Thermal retransfer printing is pigmented ink technology with UV ray protection. This CD printing process helps to guarantee the vivid colors on your Compact disks will last all through the lifetime of the CD. Your disc will have the ability to successfully pass any sunlight and dashboard test.

Quality Fast CD Duplication Made Easy!

High Image Resolution
Thanks to Thermal cd printing smeared, smudged, or nicked certainly are a thing from the pass. High image resolution full color for photo realistic pictures. If B/W (Black and White), monochrome, grey scale illustration, photo or simply text is required with Thermal printing all of your images will be durable. Printed right on the surface of the disc, the long-lasting solution will help to protect against wear & tear. Very important to retail, Thermal direct on CD printing makes it possible for duplicated discs to be utilized for commercial distribution mainly because it can tolerate the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

Master Disc
When placing an order for Compact disc duplication you will need to supply a backup copy of your master disc. Your final, edited, and mastered audio recording or software data master disc needs to be carefully reviewed to insure its error free before submitting for duplication. Simply because this master disc will be utilized as a blueprint for all of the duplicated discs, it is the very last piece of the puzzle. Here are a few other factors to consider while preparing your master compact disk for duplication.

Quality Media
The media quality of the master disc is definitely important for duplication, always obtain the very best quality CD-R media. Look for an ideal suitable brand name that could produce top quality master disc for duplication. We highly recommend burning method for music, audio and data is Disk-At-Once setting. The ideal burn speed for your master disc is determined by your burner. The best burn speed setting for the master discs will probably be fifty percent of your drive’s highest possible ability.

Right after you have carried out the burning of your master disc, test drive it in your computer, on your home stereo system as well as in your vehicle. Reviewing the quality and also to ensure a mistake free master is of the highest importance. Be sure to check Every one of the tracks and its transition from one tune to another. Bear in mind your master disc will be the foundation of the final CDs. It truly is critical to ensure the master disc is clear from any scratches.

Free Master Disc Shipping
CD Duplication orders over $200 qualify for free master disc shipping. A pre-paid FedEx mailing label, paid by Abet Disc, will be email to you, print the label, stick it, and drop off your master disc at any FedEx location near you.

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Easy reordering
Abet Disc will store your master disc and art-work safe and clean for future reorders.

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