No need to worry about size and dimensions!

Abet Disc templates will make your job easier!

You can create print-ready artwork easily and our templates are compatible with most popular design software, Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign most templates are in PDF format.

If you need help with our templates or if you don’t see a template for the item you’re looking for, simply email the Support Team

For further questions or concerns visit: Design Tips, and Frequently Asked Questions

If you have placed an order and need help or have questions please email your Support Team


review“Our experience working with Abet Disc was nothing short of exceptional. Having tried our hand at ordering replication from… and wating 5 weeks to be completly disatisfied… Our demands were tough: we needed 1000 units in 7 business days, a barcode, artwork, the full deal. I am convinced that no one could have done a more professional and through job than Abet Disc. Our CD came home to us… in 1/5 the time!! We told ourselvs that Abet Disc would be our guys from here on out– a promise we intend to keep.”

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