Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When mastering do you work with a stereo master file, or do you work with all of the separate tracks of the song?
We accept the following file formats: Stereo: 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit preferably in 44.1KHz. Multi-tracks: if you are bouncing your tracks in to sub groups we prefer 24-bit 441.KHz.

2. Can you work with wav. files for mastering?
We accept both wav and aiff files.

3. Can the design files be sent to you via Internet?
Yes, you can upload your files online ( upload ).

4. If I have a rough idea of how the cd cover should look, do you also make suggestions and help with the design?
Yes, our designers will work with all the elements you provide, and we have a design idea form you can complete to help the designers better grasp what you are envisioning.

5. If I need to print more cd’s in the future, can I send you the master copy and you print more cd’s?
We save your master copy and artwork for future reorders, all you have to do is simply place an order and we are ready to start.

6. What is the difference between Offset & Silkscreen printing on-disc?

Silkscreen printing:
Silkscreen is most appropriate for up to 3-color printing – especially if the colors are PMS colors, and for solid ink coverage. With silkscreening, ink is applied to a screen and forced through the holes in a stencil to create an image on the surface of the disc. Silkscreen printing can include up to 5 single colors, for 4-color process (CMYK) we recommend Offset printing over Silkscreen.

Offset Printing:
Offset printing provides higher quality image at175 lines per inch (vs. 85-135 lines per inch for silkscreen). Offset printing applies 4 layers of ink CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). The more lines per inch, the smoother and clearer the printing looks. Offset printing is ideal for intricate full-color designs, skin tones, and crisp text. It is the only choice for photo quality printing.

7. Do you return my master disc?
It’s a standard practice in the industry to keep the master disc, mainly for reordering and for error check.

8. I need help with my account, do you have tech support?
Yes! 24/7 you may email your support team at: Support [at]

9. How would I get the data to you?
Simply place your order and you will receive an email receipt with order ID,
• Upload/Send -You may upload Artwork and Master.
• FREE UPS Label – (Orders over $200) A prepaid UPS ground mailing label, paid by Abet Disc, will be emailed to you.

10. How do I upload my music to you guys? The upload section says design only. What do I do?
Once your order has been processed you will receive a prepaid UPS label for your master Disc (CD or DVD)

11. How can I get my CD track names to show on my computer?
Click >> CD Track Names

12. If I leave areas without color, will there be no ink on those bits and just the shiny silver disk?
If you are looking to have some parts of the disc silver background and some parts with white base printed, you need to provide a separate file for the white base.
More CD design Info

13. Do you really provide Barcode for free?
Yes, we provide you free barcode, a custom barcode for single-product use only, you register the barcode numbers with your retailer/distributor online or retail store. When your product is scanned at the register, the scanner reads the number from the barcode, looks up your product’s price and description in the retailer’s database, and your sale is recorded.

14. Can you print DigiPaks using a brown card stock?
Yes, as a custom order with additional fee, or you could also have the paper-color as your background-color in your image with matte or no-coating.

15. Can I pickup my order to save on Shipping/Delivery?
Yes, According to the recent Credit Card Processor’s (PayPal) Policy update, Orders paid by Credit Card have to be shipped or delivered (signature is required for proof of delivery), pickup is only available for orders paid with check.

16. What is the disc-media quality difference, Replication vs Duplication?
Unlike Replicated discs, Duplicated discs "CD-R / DVD-R” are very easy to scratch, but only deep/heavy scratches can effect playability. It is very important to take great care, you can clean the bottom of the disc with a soft cleaning damp cloth.

Also some players don’t play all CD-R / DVD-R, we use the best and the most compatible (A-Grade) recordable-disc-media available in the market.

For the most durable and compatible disc-media, consider replication, replicated discs are more durable and compatible with all players.

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